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Dr. Dario Severino, modern dentistry, new technology


Modern dentistry and new technologies


In the world of dentistry, a perfect smile is born of the scrupulous study and practiced knowledge acquired by the most conscientious practitioners. The dental profession is one of continuous evolution, having recently made possible that which was unimaginable only a few years ago. Undoubtedly technological innovations, new materials and breakthroughs in research have played an important role in materializing these results. However, the foundation of excellence remains fixed in the ideas, ethics and knowledge expressed within the individual practice of each dental expert. We must always keep in mind that the main objective is the health of the patient, and choose the best solution from every point of view, from bio-medical to esthetic a task that we are called to carry out every day and from which we must not be distracted. Investing too much in technology too often is becoming synonymous with the “fast dentistry” that provides results in a minimum amount of time. It would be better to invest principally in instruments that indicate how much we can recover from patients mouths, notwithstanding a larger commitment of time and effort. We have the duty to explain to patients that “quick” does not always equal “quality”, and in fact may be the opposite when a case calls for careful


attention and a steadfast course of action aimed at long-term results. Patients who are no longer willing to trust the idea of a “jack of all trades” dentist turn to the specialist ideally suited to meet their individual needs.

These are the guidelines I’ve chosen to follow in my work.
For me, this has always been the trademark of true excellence in dentistry.




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